June 28, 2007

Favorite Headline - on water repellent toilets

Water-repellent coatings hold promise in planes, cars and toilets

Dow Jones Newswires=

AUSTIN, Texas (Dow Jones/AP) _ Aircraft that won't accumulate ice while awaiting winter takeoff. Engine parts with self-cleaning capabilities to boost efficiency. Even automobiles or toilet bowls that require little to no washing.

All could be commonplace someday if ongoing research proves successful into ``superhydrophobic'' _ or extremely water-repellent _ coatings that are durable enough for metal and ceramics. The idea is that moisture will simply bead up and roll off, picking up dirt particles along the way.
AP-NY-06-28-07 0007EDT<
Any time you can work toilets into the headline of a business news story ... that's why Anthony is quite proud of this recast which cleared the news wire.

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