September 30, 2011

Brown bagging lunch through the years

Coworkers tried not to be obvious as they craned to see if my new wife scored my brown bag lunch orange as my mom had for the past five years. ...

continue reading on Belleville Patch. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Paul Calabrese was killed in an auto accident at 18. I was the only one from the School 10 class to visit the wake. Paul is the basis for BUDDIES, (based on actual events, as they say,) which appears in A Father's Place - An Eclectic Collection.

...The last time I saw Paul was the last time anyone saw him. His old man told me how Paul took a curve too fast because he didn’t want to be called “a goddamned chicken by his goddamned buddies.” Paul lost control of the car and went through the windshield. I remember thinking how long his hair had gotten since the mornings I watched him put on his old man’s butcher’s wax before we left for school.... 

Other Belleville Patch stories include School 10 references. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Buccino also wrote about School 10 in Bellwood Crier has been

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