October 14, 2011

Re-Fizz: New Jersey’s Brookdale Soda

From Anthony Buccino, Nutley, New Jersey. He has been called “New Jersey’s ‘Garrison Keillor.’ ” You can read more about his writing at his website http://www.anthonysworld.com/     We would like to thank http://www.baristanet.com/ where this reminiscence first appeared. Baristanet was born in May 2004 and soon after emerged as a leader in both hyperlocal blogging and the online citizen journalism movement.
Every significant event in my life growing up in New Jersey was accentuated by Brookdale soda. 
Others relished the Thanksgiving turkey or the Easter ham, but as for me, give me my Brookdale orange soda. At a repast at someone’s home between viewings at Grandpa’s wake, I was first in line for the Brookdale Kola.

Drop the easy fly ball and lose the big game: it was all okay when I consoled my soul with that bright green lemon-lime Brookdale Soda.

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