July 6, 2013

Independence Day - Belleville, N.J.

Anthony Buccino was asked to speak at the Belleville Historical Society's annual 4th of July morning ceremony in the cemetery of the old Belleville Dutch Reformed Church on the corner of Main and Rutgers streets, Belleville, N.J. More than 65 veterans of the American Revolution are buried in the small cemetery.

Buccino and Nutley Commissioner Steve Rogers, both Belleville-raised, were selected to raise the American   flag near the resting place of Captain Henry Benson who died of his wounds in the Civil War 151 years ago.

Buccino's Remarks
"237 years ago The Declaration of Independence set our country's course. We cherish our freedom. Sometimes we take it for granted. But freedom is not free.
Our sons, brothers, uncles and daughters have fought through generations to preserve this country.

Around us are the graves of more than 65 American Revolution veterans, including that of Henry Brown who perished at Valley Forge. And one of three Civil War casualties, Captain Henry Benson.

Two Belleville sons perished in the American Revolution, including  Joseph Hornblower who died in battle and was buried in Union County.
Three Belleville sons perished in the Civil War.
World War 1 took 20 young lives
World War II took 117 Belleville sons
The Korean War took five young men
Vietnam War took 11 Belleville sons – including Carl Mickens of Wilber Street who was KIA on this date in 1970 in South Vietnam.
Keeping the peace took three Belleville Sons.
Freedom is not free." 

Church steeple damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

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