September 7, 2013

THIS SEAT TAKEN? Notes of a Hapless Commuter

If you ever commuted to work, you'll enjoy this ride reading Anthony Buccino's latest collection "THIS SEAT TAKEN? Notes of a Hapless Commuter" about the joys and follies of getting to and from work in the city using public transit.

For five years, Buccino wrote about commuting and transit in metro New York-New Jersey for His transit blog on earned the New Jersey Society of Professional Journalists Excellence in Journalism award for a Media Affiliated blog. Many of those blurbs are gathered in this collection.

Commuters who knew he wrote for would seek him out and tell him their commuter tales of woe. Often they would simply commiserate and try to see who had a worse ride in that day. But more than once, Buccino was button-holed after a scathing piece on, say, homeless people using subway stairwells as bathrooms, and told that it was cleaned up within hours of his writing about it online.

Available soon.

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