January 8, 2015

Nutley opinion: Author and his subjects to sign book


I’ve received a few acknowledgements of my alleged worth over the years, ranging from applause for one of several bands I have sung in, or for a play I’ve been in or directed, to a couple of awards from the New Jersey Press Association for this column.

However, I am especially tickled to have been included in Anthony Buccino’s latest book, "Nutley Notables." Perhaps "notorious" would be a more accurate adjective for some of us being bestowed with this honor, so the term "notable" is flattering.

The book, one of more than 15 penned by Buccino, contains photos and biographies of almost 200 people who have somehow helped shape our little town during the years. All kinds of people can be found in its pages, including the famous and not so famous. ...

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