September 19, 2015

Buccino helps dedicate street to fallen Belleville soldier

Local historian Anthony Buccino joined family members and friends of Donald Baron Saunders to honor the fallen soldier with his name on the street sign where he lived. to Sept. 19, 2015

     We are here today to honor Pfc. Donald Saunders, a young man from this town, Belleville, from this street, High Street, from that house who answered his country’s call in a difficult time.

Pfc. Donald Saunders volunteered to go to South Vietnam with the Marines. He was killed in action while unselfishly exposing himself to the intense incoming fire of the enemy.
He loved his family. He loved his hometown. He loved his fellow Marines. He loved his country.
Here, today, we post this marker, this memorial to one of Belleville’s best, Belleville’s bravest.
We salute you, Pfc. Donald Baron Saunders.
We will not forget you or the 158 other Belleville sons who paid for our freedom with your lives.
Semper fi.

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