September 12, 2016

Where has the summer gone?

It's been a while since we've posted any activity here. That doesn't mean we haven't been busy. Author Anthony Buccino has been delving knee-deep and more into research for his upcoming book on murder, mayhem and major crimes in a small north Jersey town to be named later. 

Meanwhile, Buccino has been working since last September with Belleville Town Councilman Kevin Kennedy and Tom Grolimond to identify the addresses, locate family members and dedicate street signs to the Belleville Sons who paid for our freedom. 

Streets have been dedicated in honor of Henry Benson, Arthur Burke, Frank Cancelliere, Roger Crowell, Richard Hayes, John Hoar, Glenn Nelson, Albert E. Pole,  Donald Saunders, and John Verian.

In 2006, Buccino urged the Belleville council to name streets in the Essex Park development in honor of fallen Belleville sons. Streets were renamed in honor of named for Raymond De Luca, Carmine Olivo, Clatie Cunningham Jr. and William Hamilton. No formal ceremony was held within the gated community.

Further street dedications scheduled include Michael Flynn in September and Donald Murray in October.

Buccino has also begun to post photos from his vast archive on to a new Facebook page called, are you ready? Photography by Anthony Buccino. The photos are all over the block, literally and figuratively as he has shot choice photos while walking around his block and selected photos from his archives including daily commutes into the city, views of Jersey City and other travels here and there. 

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