September 22, 2017

September Anthony's World Update

As promised, we’ll be short and post only when there’s news to share.

During the summer Anthony Buccino completed his second photo book, NUTLEY SNAPSHOTS In Plain View. Volume one in a series of photo collections to showcase the all-around beauty and some of the history of the northern New Jersey township of Nutley. This book is available only in print. Nutley Snapshots is Buccino’s sixth Nutley book.

Voices of Nutley
Anthony Buccino, Preserving Nutley’s Place in History, an interview, was published in the Voices of Nutley site by NutleyKia.

Walk and Talk with the Author
Anthony Buccino led the successful Walk & Talk through Nutley parks in July. Nearly two dozen walkers joined him for a refreshing walk from the pre-opening Nutley Farmers Market through Nutley parks along the Third River to Kingsland Park and back while Anthony discussed Nutley history, the Nutley Sons Honor Roll, and growing up near these parks in the 1960s. Many of the views along the walk revisit photos in NUTLEY SNAPSHOTS.
Did you know Buccino created and maintained web sites for Nutley Historical Society and the Kingsland Manor for more than a dozen years? That helped him talk history on the Walk and Talk.

Belleville Sons Honor Roll
July wrapped up our individual sign dedications to the Belleville servicemen who died while in service. We had great turnouts from family and friends of these soldiers and sailor: Edward J. Zuczek; Raymond DeLuca; Giavanni Bocchino; Nicholas Del Grosso; and Frank H. Metzler. At these events, many family members present additional information, news clippings and family photos of the servicemen. We try to include this new information when we update our Belleville Sons web site and the print and ebook editions Belleville Sons Honor Roll.

The Belleville and Nutley sons began more than 15 years ago, to identify and remember the fallen soldiers from Belleville and Nutley, N.J., is having long-term effects. In nearly two years, Belleville has dedicated more than two dozen street signs to fallen soldiers from the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War and the Cold War. Our thanks for all their help and support with the dedications go out to Belleville Historical Society President Michael Perrone, the group’s members, local veterans groups, Belleville Councilman Kevin Kennedy and Belleville Board of Ed trustee Tom Grolimond.

Book Projects
Earlier this summer, Anthony Buccino issued the print edition of Jersey City Snapshots. The ebook was first published in 2012.
Anthony is juggling book projects. Besides updating both Sons books, research continues on Nutley Notables Volume 2, the follow up to Nutley Notables. Another secret project involves research into murder, mayhem and major crime in a safe Jersey town. And, in the meantime, Buccino is curating photos for Snapshots volume two.

Social Media
Anthony continues to shoot photographs around town during his walks and on field trips. There’s a Facebook page for that, where he’s posted more than 1,000 photos in the past year. He also created a Facebook group for Nutley photos, old and new. He also is the admin at You Know You’re From Belleville and You Know You’re From Nutley and other groups.

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