August 3, 2011

Buccino's Facebook groups go viral

In 2008, Anthony Buccino created two Facebook groups, one for Belleville, N.J., and one for Nutley, N.J. and they both asked members to fill in the blank You know you're from (that town) when you ....

They were pretty quiet groups until last Monday when each group caught fire and went from 600 members each to around 3,000 members each a week later.

Here are two stories on the viral groups:

You know you’re from Belleville if.....Belleville's social media group is going viral, as Bellevillites remember their shared past as well as favorite haunts including long gone Belle Maid bakery, the bog, Grant's and more.
An old Belleville street view of the mindWe're seeing places long gone, our old friends and hearing their calls on those old streets, we're remembering ballgames, fires, and we are all as alive as ever knowing we are from Belleville.

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