March 20, 2012

Working on a history project.

Anthony Buccino is coordinating a Nutley Historical Society project on a book about Legendary Locals of Nutley, N.J. The new imprint celebrates people who have made a memorable impact on their community throughout its history.

Individuals featured in the books will run the gamut from politicians to high school coaches and athletes; from notorious personalities to beloved entertainers. Their images and stories will document the unique contributions residents have made that shape the community today and allow people to create more personal connections to their community. The editors would also like to include the pioneering citizens who built and shaped the community.

For more information, visit Legendary Locals of Nutley

Buccino created and maintained the Nutley Historical Society web site since 2005. He subsequently created and maintained web presences for the Van Riper Restoration Trust and the Kingsland Manor Trust.

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