November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Better than the ice cream truck!
It only took about five minutes for Verizon Fiber Network Field Technician Miguel Jackman to restore our FiOs Internet, TV and house phone service after five days of being without. It seems the original rechargeable battery had out-lived its lifespan.

Our wireless was booking before he got the last screw in place. The over-worked tech was cheerful, pleasant and accommodating.

He's what you'd hope all your service people were like. Heck, you'd wish everyone you knew was a sociable as Jackman who works out of the Verona Work Center.

Being without Internet for most is a mere inconvenience, but when you work online from home it can result in being out of work. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was able to work out of the office of Dr. Andrea Buccino in Cedar Grove where there was power, heat and wireless service. The good doctor also invited her patients to bring in their cellphones to charge up while they were being treated, and to use the office wi-fi during their wait.

Neighbors around the corner express disdain at Hurricane Sandy.

It's good that the Verizon tech showed up within minutes of his scheduled service time, my car has been getting low on gas and New Jersey has implemented odd/even fill-up days at stations that have either power or fuel to sell. I've run down to about a quarter tank. That would mean several hours in a line to purchase a few gallons of gas, or I'd have to start car-pooling around First Mountain from Nutley to Cedar Grove.

All along, our thoughts have been with those who lost loved ones, their homes, possessions and their sense of security during Hurricane Sandy. Words cannot express our appreciation for the service people, first responders and emergency personnel (including Miguel) who have put in long, long hours to meet this crisis.

Let us all work together and show the world we are at our best when we face adversity.

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