February 6, 2018

UN Garden Restoration in Nutley, NJ

Last summer, preparing for his guided walk through Nutley parks, Anthony Buccino was again reminded of the efforts put in several years back by an eager Eagle Scout candidate and his friends, family, and other volunteers.

Buccino recounts Tyler Huey's efforts toward his Eagle Scout project and the the way the UN Garden in Nutley was cleared, cleaned and restored ... for a while, anyway:

UN Garden Restoration, Nutley, NJ - 2009 - Eagle Scout Project by Tyler Huey

It's not the first time Buccino wrote about the UN Garden, one of Nutley's hidden treasures. UN Gardens was published in the underwhelming 2010 collection Yountakah Country - A Poetic View of Nutley Old and New

Two photos of the UN Garden appear in NUTLEY SNAPSHOTS.

A short walk from the gazebo
in the park where the Yanticaw Creek
splits with the grass 
and bridges in the middle, 
you'll come across stones
laid decades back 
in hopes of peace and love.
Long ago the stones
and the bushes, too,
we suppose, flourished.
But since those days,
whenever they were, 
the gardens have gone fallow
like the promise of peace and love
- by Anthony Buccino/Yountakah Country. 2010

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